Shona Thomson



We all need something to drive us forward, and for me, running provides direction,as well as that euphoric “runners high!”



Like training your body and fuelling it correctly, the support of an experienced marathon runner by your side to listen and discuss your training concerns can make all the difference to your success.



With the right support and mind set, anyone can achieve what they want to achieve in life. 
I have many stories and lessons to share that would motivate and inspire any audience.

  • Having spent some time with Shona, I was inspired by not only her determination to succeed, but by her clarity of thought and ability to share stories and experiences in a way tailored to her audience. I know she has inspired many former couch dwellers and experienced athletes alike
    - Andrew Murray, World breaking ultramarathon runner, 7 ultras on 7 continents in 5 days
  • Shona Thomson is the rare kind of adventurer who has succeeded in conquering larger-than-life challenges while keeping two feet firmly on the ground.
    - Josephine Cox, Marathon mentee
  • excellent mentor for anyone looking to take on a marathon or increase their current distance. She can inspire and encourage other runners of all abilities.

    - Richard Donovan (International marathoner who won the inaugural South Pole Marathon)